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Whiteboard Solutions

Whiteboard Cleaner - MB10W
There is not a cleaner on the market that compares!

MB10W is an aggressive water-based cleaner that is user and environmentally safe and virtually odorless. MB10W removes oil, solvent, and water-based inks within seconds from a sound surface.
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White Board Coating / Paint - MB4000W
The only water-based coating on the market today that can change most surfaces into a whiteboard!

Traditional whiteboards are intrusive, cumbersome and lack design. MB4000W is an interior designers dream come true. Ideal for boardrooms, office walls, awkward cubical spaces, home offices, kids rooms or the kitchen.
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Graffiti Solutions

Graffiti Remover - MB10
Removes 98% of water based and oil based paints and inks, even permanent marker from most surfaces

Unlike hazardous acid or solvent based products, MB10 is water based, non-flammable, biodegradable, user and environmentally friendly. MB10 works easily on impervious surfaces.
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Anti Graffiti Coating / Paint - MB4500G
For interior and exterior applications. Produces a highly cleanable surface.

MB4500G is an odorless, water - based, optically clear and highly cleanable anti graffiti coating. Not even permanent marker will stain its surface, when cleaned with our MB10 graffiti remover.
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Whiteboard Paint Solutions and $ave!

  • Odorless water-based Whiteboard Paint - Odorless water-based Whiteboard Cleaner - Naturally Odorless, water-based Dry Erase Markers - No Harsh Solvents.
  • Transform your wall into a Whiteboard
  • Repair an old White board
  • Water based - Low Odor - Low VOC - Non Flammable
  • Safe to use. We are the only company that does not work on HDI principle which is a (Carcinogen - cancer causing substance)
  • Highest Quality & the Lowest cost whiteboard Paint on the market – Comparison, by the Square foot.

Whiteboard Cleaner Solutions

  • Ten times stronger than the leading Whiteboard cleaner brands with no odor and safe to use.
  • Water-based-nonflammable - No VOC.
  • Removes stubborn stains and residue left behind from the markers and traditional whiteboard cleaners.
  • Will add additional service life to your whiteboards as it eliminates heavy scrubbing and experimenting with harsh chemicals to try and get your whiteboards clean.