About Us - With You in Mind

Solutions MB Inc. was established in 1990. Solutions began with the development of anti-graffiti coatings and cleaners. We took our anti-graffiti technology and reformulated and designed it for whiteboard use. With home offices, ever increasing busy schedules and shrinking budgets becoming part of the norm. We realized with our whiteboard paint/coating we could offer great savings to industry, institutions and the home owner as traditional whiteboards are expensive, cumbersome and space prohibitive.

Who Actually designed our Whiteboard Paint/Coating and Whiteboard Cleaner? You All Did

We took our anti-graffiti technology and most importantly our customer input and requests to develop our White Board Coating, MB4000W and our White Board Cleaner, MB10W. Customers requested that the White board paint must be: Easy to apply, user and environmentally safe, odorless, inexpensive with the end result being easy to clean using traditional methods and tools. We have been successful in achieving our goals.

Customers requested that the White board Cleaner must be: More aggressive in cleaning whiteboard surfaces than traditional whiteboard cleaners on the market today, safe to use and odorless. It was a challenge however we were able to achieve all requests.

A Little History

At first we started with a solvent based system however found that odor, safety and future environmental legislation are and would be an ongoing issue. We could have masked the odor as others have done however this would only create a false sense of security as the product would still have hazardous fumes, maintain its flammability, and high VOC level. This led us to develop a water-based system.

We were the first to develop a safe water based system that was solvent resistant. Solvent Resistance is required as traditional Dry erase markers and cleaners are loaded with very harsh solvents.

Where we are now. We have found a way of creating a solvent resistant paint/coating without using any ingredients from the isocyanate family, chemicals known to be carcinogenic (cancer causing, HDI principal).

So innovative is our approach we keep it as a trade secret. We are the only ones on the market using this safe technology to date.