Dry Erase Marker – Permanent Marker

Clean Wipe

Odorless-Refillable-Non Toxic-Dry Erase Marker
The Friendliest Whiteboard Marker on the Market Today

Good things do not come cheap. Years of research have been put into the chemistry of our dry-erase ink so that the marker releases easily from your whiteboard surface eliminating ghosting and smudging as well as the odor with modern chemistry. Truly a magic Marker.

Years of research have been put into the chemistry of our dry-erase ink so that the marker dry quickly, wipes clean easily from your whiteboard surface without ghosting or smudging and eliminating the odor with modern chemistry.

This was now easy task as we had to reinvent the dry erase that was invented in 1975 by Jerry Wolf at which time user and environmentally friendly chemistry was not a concern as the fast dry solvents used in the marker pending on the manufacture ranged from toluene, ketones, denatured alcohols ETC. All which carry heavy odors and health risks which are organic compounds.

  • We have been able to replace them with inorganic compounds that are naturally odorless and user and environmentally friendly chemistry.
  • Finding the right pigment was a challenge so much so we had to design our own so that it would work properly with the inorganic solvents as to not penetrate or stain the surface.
  • Rather than use a polymer (Polymer is used so that the ink does not bead up) we developed an inorganic resin that is less cohesive than polymer which means even when the ink is left on for long periods of time it still wipes of easily.
  • Our resin also acts like a release agent that does not leave an oily residue like our competitors which over time will cause a residue build up which causes ghosting and smudging.

The Outcome was thisSo surface friendly was this marker is it can be used on many high gloss non-designated dry erase surfaces.

We have tested a few of the following Non Designated High Gloss Substrates
When testing always test in an inconspicuous location.

Powder coated surfaces EG. Fridge Doors, plastic laminated cupboard doors, pre coated flooring, Vinyl automotive rap, UV coated inks, Plexiglas, Arborite, polycarbonates just to name a few. Without saying our clean wipe marker works extremely well with pre manufactured whiteboards as well as whiteboard paints and laminates even when the ink has been left on for long periods of time. As there are so many different types of surfaces we would strongly suggest testing a small inconspicuous area first.

Easy to Refill

Simply turn silver nib head counter clockwise and remove nib head from body of marker. Add 15-20 Drops to ink tampon our 2 light squeezes of refile ink, replace nib assemble clockwise. One ounce or 30ml will refill 28-30 pens at a retail cost of approximately .20 cents a marker retail.