Graffiti Solutions

Our water based MB10 Graffiti Remover removes 98% of water based and oil based paints and inks,even permanent marker from most surfaces.

Graffiti Remover – MB10


More about this Product

Unlike hazardous acid or solvent based products, MB10 is water based, non-flammable, biodegradable, user and environmentally friendly. MB10 works easily on impervious surfaces like steel, carbon steel, cast iron, marble, glass, fiberglass, glazed tile, floor and wall tile, vinyl and aluminium siding.

MB10 removes embedded graffiti from porous surfaces such as concrete, concrete block, decorative brick, granite, grout, terra cotta, vinyl material, wood, and high quality polyethylene. Depending on the surface you are cleaning MB10 will activate and remove graffiti within 5 minutes by simply agitating using a rag or brush and rinsing with water or a pressure washer.

MB10 also cleans paint/graffiti off oil based, epoxy and powder coated painted surfaces. This is possible because MB10 reverses the chemical reaction of the drying process and removes the newer paint first before reacting to the underlying seasoned painted coating.

Coverage: 1Ltr/32oz covers 100 sq/ft (*Estimated on rough surfaces)