How Much Whiteboard Coating/Paint Do I Need?

MB4000W Whiteboard Coating/Paint

How much product do I need to cover this size of area?
  • Take the area you would like to paint, measure it by length and height, then multiply the two and this gives you the square footage or square meters based on the unit of measure you are using. Example, if you measured 6 feet long x 4 feet high, your calculation is 6 x 4=24. You will be painting 24 Square feet.
  • All paint companies work on theoretical coverage due to absorbency of different types of surfaces and the method of application therefore coverage is variable. We found from past experience when painting a latex painted wall you will get 3 Square feet per ounce and 4 square feet on a hard fast surface as when repairing an old whiteboard.
  • Taking the measurement of 24 Square feet divide it by 3 square feet, you would need one 8 ounce bottle of coating. (MB10W Whiteboard coating yields 3 square feet per ounce). Or email us your dimensions and we will calculate it for you.