Get the Best Whiteboard Cleaner in Michigan

If you are looking for the best and non-toxic whiteboard cleaner in Michigan, then Solution MB INC. is what you are looking for. With the top quality deals in the area, we have made it a point to get the best quality whiteboard cleaner in the area. The non-toxic level of the cleaner makes us stand out from the rest. Since our inauguration in the year 1960, we have come a long way to offer the best to our clients. We will have to make sure that you get the best quality whiteboard cleaners in Michigan.

Why we are popular whiteboard cleaner in Michigan

Usually, all the whiteboard cleaner have the pungent smell that is hard to tolerate. Imagine, if you have the whiteboard at school in the presence of the kids, it will really harmful. Therefore, you will have to look for solutions that can be the best and can be effective in removing stains and ink colour from the whiteboard. Well, with careful innovation, we have created a non-toxic whiteboard cleaner in Michigan that can be hard on the whiteboard but soft on your respiratory tract.

MB4500G-G 4L/1 Gallon $149.00

MB4500G-32 1L/32 oz $54.00

MB10-4LC-G Case (4 x 4 Ltr/128 oz) $377.00

MB10-20L-G Pail (1 x 20 Ltr/5 gal) $420.00

MB10-1LC-G Case (6 x 1 Ltr/32 oz) $155.00

MB10-1L-G Case (1 Ltr/32 oz) $29.99

MB4000W-32 32oz/1000ml – Covers 96 sq. ft. $119.00

MB4000W-16 16oz/500ml – Covers 48 sq. ft. $69.99

MB4000W-8 8oz/250ml – Covers 24 sq.ft. $45.99

Permanent Marker Eraser For Whiteboards – MB10-PM-6 – 6 Pack $41.94

Therefore, it is time that you get the best quality whiteboard cleaner in Michigan. With the initiative taken by the expert team members, we have been looking for the best quality deals in the area. We have the fastest delivery system – 3 to 5 working days.

When it is about choosing the right whiteboard cleaner in Michigan, you will have to make sure that you rely on the best quality deals. You need to be aware of the fact that we can provide you with the most innovative ideas like creating walls with whiteboards so that it can be the creative wall for you and many more. You can create a wonderful and amazing whiteboard creative design if you want to get the best quality deals in the area.