Buy the Best Whiteboard Cleaner and Whiteboard Paint in California Online

Wipe away the permanent marker ink easily by using the best-quality whiteboard cleaner offered by Solutions MB Inc. We are an online shop that offers you the top-quality whiteboard painting and erasing products at the most reasonable prices. Order us online to get the best whiteboard cleaner or whiteboard paint in California.


MB4500G-G 4L/1 Gallon $149.00

MB4500G-32 1L/32 oz $54.00

MB10-4LC-G Case (4 x 4 Ltr/128 oz) $377.00

MB10-20L-G Pail (1 x 20 Ltr/5 gal) $420.00

MB10-1LC-G Case (6 x 1 Ltr/32 oz) $155.00

MB10-1L-G Case (1 Ltr/32 oz) $29.99

MB4000W-32 32oz/1000ml – Covers 96 sq. ft. $119.00

MB4000W-16 16oz/500ml – Covers 48 sq. ft. $69.99

MB4000W-8 8oz/250ml – Covers 24 sq.ft. $45.99

Permanent Marker Eraser For Whiteboards – MB10-PM-6 – 6 Pack $41.94

Why choose us

This is true that there are a number of shops online that offer whiteboard cleaners at cheap rates. So, you may think why we, when there are other options too. The reason is simple. Our success is not a hidden secret. Our transparent services and the quality of our products are the reasons behind our success.

You see what you buy:
Being a reputable online shop, we understand the importance of being transparent. We never make fake promises. Whatever you will order online, you will receive the same product at your doorstep. So, you don’t need to worry of being cheated.

Quality is the top-most priority:
In order to make our dry-erase products environment-friendly, we have reinvented it. In 1975, Jerry Wolf invented the dry eraser, but it was not user or environmentally-friendly at all. In fact, being made up of organic compounds, this product had a bad odor and health risks too. We have replaced the risky organic compounds with the inorganic compounds that are odorless and environment-friendly.

No stain is now permanent:
By using our cleaner, you can easily understand that even the marks of the permanent marker are not at all permanent. We use the best quality ingredients to maintain your whiteboard for a longer period of time.

Order the best quality whiteboard paint in California

If you are from California, you can also buy whiteboard paint to give a creative look to your home and deliver your ideas through creative painting. This is the best idea to transform your faded wall into a colorful one. With this paint, you can put colors on the surface of your whiteboard. Get in touch with us today to order whiteboard cleaner and whiteboard paint in California online.