Buy Whiteboard Cleaner in Illinois for Stain-Free Whiteboard

Take care of your whiteboard with the best quality cleaner and paint in Illinois. If you want to preserve your whiteboard for a longer period of time, it is extremely important to remove the dry-erase ink, grease and dirt with the best-quality cleaner. Solutions MB Inc. is a leading online service provider that offers the best quality whiteboard cleaner in Illinois. With our user-friendly dry erase, you can maintain your whiteboard on a regular basis and keep it stain-free. Our whiteboard paint and cleaner products are made-up of odorless, inorganic compound to make it environment-friendly.

MB4500G-G 4L/1 Gallon $149.00

MB4500G-32 1L/32 oz $54.00

MB10-4LC-G Case (4 x 4 Ltr/128 oz) $377.00

MB10-20L-G Pail (1 x 20 Ltr/5 gal) $420.00

MB10-1LC-G Case (6 x 1 Ltr/32 oz) $155.00

MB10-1L-G Case (1 Ltr/32 oz) $29.99

MB4000W-32 32oz/1000ml – Covers 96 sq. ft. $119.00

MB4000W-16 16oz/500ml – Covers 48 sq. ft. $69.99

MB4000W-8 8oz/250ml – Covers 24 sq.ft. $45.99

Permanent Marker Eraser For Whiteboards – MB10-PM-6 – 6 Pack $41.94


Reasons you need to buy our whiteboard cleaners

  • Regular cleaning is required:
    If you want to use your whiteboard for a longer period of time, you need to maintain it. Lack of regular cleaning can make it stained and dirty.
  • Proper cleaning method is required:
    If proper cleaning method is not maintained, your whiteboard will be damaged and stained. Rubbing your whiteboard excessively can make scratches on the surface of the whiteboard. These light scratches can hold ink and make the whiteboard completely damaged. By using proper cleaning method, you can protect the protective surface of the whiteboard and keep it smooth and scratch-free for a longer period of time.
  • Keep it durable:
    The more you maintain your whiteboard, the more durable it would be. So, clean it on a regular basis to give it a long-lasting life.

Whiteboard Paint in Illinois

We, at Solutions MB Inc, offer the best in class whiteboard paint in Illinois that gives the wings to your creativity. You can change the surface of a pre-painted wall into a colorful one with the help of our whiteboard paint.

So, what are you waiting for? Order to buy our whiteboard cleaner and whiteboard paint today online.